Delicious, easy, whole-food lunchboxes, packed in just 5 minutes a day. Every day.

If you're here reading this, I bet you'd love to:

  • Save time and reduce stress packing lunches each morning
  • Pack healthy, preservative-free food, that actually gets eaten
  • Enjoy happier, healthier children who LOVE their lunchboxes
  • Make these changes a way of life for you and your family

Hi, I'm Bel.
I've helped over 700 Mums & Dads – like you – make simple changes to their kids' school lunchboxes, helping them save time and money, reduce stress, and improve their child's health.
Let me show you how.


You're about to discover my secret.

You're about to discover how my lunchbox struggles became a system, one that will help you take control of your child's lunchbox – and their health – once and for all.

The 5 Minute Healthy Lunchbox System™ has been perfected over the past 7 years, since my husband's diagnosis with post-natal depression after the birth of our son, and our daughter's volatile moods began spiralling out of control.

Once I started packing real food in her lunchbox – instead of highly processed “convenience” foods – our daughter’s moods levelled right out, and she returned to the healthy, balanced child we always knew she was.

But this introduced a new set of problems.

I had to try and figure out how to make healthy lunchboxes every day, quickly and easily.

I couldn't bring myself to send processed food to school Indrani anymore, but I couldn't take 30-40 minutes every morning just packing her lunch – I simply didn't have the time!

What could I pack? What foods were healthy? What would be food-safe until lunchtime? How can I fit this into our morning routine? I definitely didn't need any more stress, and I was at a loss trying to come up with healthy ideas each day, so she would actually eat and not starve!

Luckily, I found the answer.

I created a system.

Why YOU need a proven system to make your life easier:

The fact is, we're all only human. Some days we don't fire on all cylinders. Sometimes we have mental blanks. Some days we just can't function without a few mugs of coffee, or a few glasses of wine, or both!

It's impossible to expect ourselves to be masterful lunchbox creators every single day. 

But with a system to fall back on when you're a bit rushed or stressed, you can still create a delicious, healthy feast, quickly, easily and without a Chernobyl meltdown.

Packing real food lunchboxes becomes easy. In fact, it becomes a joy.

With a lunchbox system:
–   You don't need to worry about what to pack.
–   You don't need to worry that your kids will go hungry.
–   You don't need to become a masterchef.
–   You don't need to resort to chemical-laden packet foods.
–   You don't need to get up at 5am to get lunchboxes packed.

The hard work is already done, before you even get out of bed.

This is why I created The 5 Minute Healthy Lunchbox™ System. 

So YOU can enjoy more time for yourself, less-stressed mornings, and healthier, happier children. Because who doesn't want that, right?

What life looks like when you have a system:

You can't stop smiling, because of how easy and relaxed your mornings have become...

Your fridge looks a million bucks, and you can always find exactly what you're looking for...

Your kids lunchboxes look and taste so delicious you'll be wanting to keep them for yourself...

Your kids will be healthier – and happier – because they're eating nourishing real food each day!

Totally worth it. I am a course slacker and didn't do it all, but what I did do completely changed the way I thought about packing lunch for my kids. The resources you get are invaluable, too.
– Ange D.

What you get when you enrol:

  • You'll get immediate access to the exclusive membership portal, so you can get started learning from the first module straight away
  • You'll get trained in Bel's 3 P's of successful lunchboxes - Planning, Preparation and Packing - including all of Bel's tips and tricks to save you time and money, and reduce your stress
  • You'll get access to a new module each week, teaching you the next key part of the System, so you'll never get overwhelmed as you learn these new lunchbox skills and habits
  • You'll be invited to the member-only Facebook group, where you'll be supported and inspired by hundreds of other Mums just like you
  • As each weekly module is released, you'll get access to new recipes, menu plans and shopping lists, so you'll never be stuck for ideas and always be able to create healthy lunchboxes your kids will love!
  • You'll get 12 months' access to all the materials – including over 140 recipes, 12 weekly menu plans and shopping lists – so that you can come back and re-visit the material as often as you like!

I can't wait to get you on board and help you feel inspired about lunchboxes! Think of it as an expression of LOVE for your kids – you're supporting their development and learning by giving their bodies the fuel they really need!  
– Bel xo

What other Mums are saying:

Since we started your course as a family, we have made a conscious decision to not buy pre-packaged and processed food of any kind - and no sugar except honey, straight from the bee man at the farmer's market, where we also get all our fruit, vegies, eggs, sourdough bread and meat.

My blood sugar levels have come down (I'm Diabetic) and I have lost 12 kilos. That wasn't intentional, it just happened from eating better food, and also I don't crave sweet things any more - not even chocolate!

I do use cacao in the boy's biscuits, and the muffins with the kidney beans in them, etc. Now I have more energy too. Thank you Belinda!
– Sebria L.

Your course has made a massive change in the eating habits of our whole family, not just at lunch time but also for snacks and dinner - as well as a less stressful morning routine.
– Rachael B.

Totally worth it. I am a course slacker and didn't do it all, but what I did do completely changed the way I thought about packing lunch for my kids. The resources you get are invaluable, too.
– Ange D.

Totally worth it. I am a course slacker and didn't do it all, but what I did do completely changed the way I thought about packing lunch for my kids. The resources you get are invaluable, too.
– Ange D.

Totally worth it. I am a course slacker and didn't do it all, but what I did do completely changed the way I thought about packing lunch for my kids. The resources you get are invaluable, too.
– Ange D.

What's covered in the course?


Before we officially start, you'll receive:
– A list of pantry staples
– A list of lunchbox essentials
– A list of items which can make your lunchboxes more fun and visually pleasing


My 3 steps to success in packing a healthy lunchbox plus:
– Lunchbox Must Haves
– Getting Your Family Involved
– How to create your own lunchbox staple list
– Menu plan, shopping list, recipes for next weeks' lunchboxes


Knowledge that you can use beyond just packing healthy lunchboxes.
– The Power of You
– Additives and Preservatives
– Making your lunchboxes fun
– Washing & storing fruit & veg
– Menu plan, shopping list, recipes


Tips on how to get your lunchbox food eaten. It also includes:
– Ways to achieve variety
– Packing the right mix of foods
– Sandwich alternatives
– Menu plan, shopping list, recipes


Make what you’ve learnt a new way of life, rather than just a fad.
– Why "Way of Life" thinking is key
– Continuing healthy lunchboxes
– Transitioning your family to healthier food choices
– Menu plan, shopping list, recipes


Each module contains:
– 3 menu plan & shopping list options
– Recipes to match menu plans

The course contains:
– Over 140 recipes
– 12 weekly menu plans
– 12 matched shopping lists

A few quick questions for you:

If all this course did was help you eliminate even ONE of the packaged snacks your child currently takes to school each day...would it be worth it? 

If all this course did was help you feed your child one or two more vegetables every day... would it be worth it? 

If all this course did was lower your stress levels in the mornings before school... would it be worth it? 

I sure hope so!

BONUS #1 – Health Experts and Guest Contributors

Your enrolment includes interviews, expert tips, and awesome resources from our panel of Mums, Dads and amazing health & wellness professionals.

This means you'll be even more empowered to help improve your family's health, transition to even healthier lunchboxes, and make it all a way of life!

Georgia Harding
Well Nourished

Alexx Stuart
Real Food & Low Tox Living

Brenda Janschek
Health & Lifestyle

Dr Brett Hill
Chiropractor & Wellness Expert

Tracey Fry & Joanna Ling
Additive Free Lifestyle

Israel Smith
The Root Cause

Lisa Corduff
Small Steps Living

Kate Crocker
Gluten Free Lunchboxes

Patti Glasgow
Teach Love Life

Laini Oldfield
The Wholefood Collective

Simone Emery
Play With Food

Laura Trotta
Eco Living & Self Sufficiency

Léonie Percy
Yoga Mamata

Mandy dos Santos
Little People Nutrition

Simone Kopkas
Health Wholistically

BONUS #2 – Video Tutorials & Printables

Your enrolment ALSO includes recipe/cooking tutorial videos (including hilarious out-takes), plus a set of printable templates so you can keep on going after the course finishes!

More amazing feedback...!

Hi Bel and Israel!

I don't have any fancy pictures to show, but I can say these last two weeks have been so different due to the fact I know what I'm packing and have some food semi-prepared.

Lunches for the five of us took me 1.5hours every morning and now that I have done a prep day it only takes me 30 minutes, maybe 40 if I am plodding along. The big plus for me is that I get to go for a morning walk and get a shower with my leftover time all before the kids wake up. BLISS!!!

I'm feeding 4 adults in this mix (3 big teenage boys) so quantities are significantly more, BUT...somehow I have money left over in my shopping budget each week to do a top up shop. This is something I have never experienced before.

This is a wonderful program and I am so grateful for the hard work you and Israel have done. It is a testimony too, to what can be achieved by a virtuous wife who loves and nurtures her husband through a dark time. You are being blessed for your faithfulness to your marriage Bel, in turn you are blessing others. Thank you.

Big hugs and I hope to meet you one day!
– Michelle xxx

The eCourse had been fantastic already thankyou. I was really in 2 minds about whether to sign up to it as we already pack healthy, packet-free lunchboxes in our house and I've always done a bit of weekend snack prep so everything is homemade.

Our son has allergies and eczema and when you start to have to read ingredients on everything you buy it really opens your eyes what goes into our food - and we thought we were eating healthy before all of this!!

Flynn is really fussy and it turns into a bit of a battle of the wills and a lot of frustration at meal times and when lunchboxes come home with not much eaten.

Even the simplest things like printing out the rainbow of fruit and veg sheet and getting Flynn to write his list of staple fruit and veg has made such an amazing difference already!!! I really couldn't believe it.

And he's all over his list - when I serve up dinner he checks everything in his salad is on his list!! Funny and so much less stressful. Just loving all the info from the course. Next aim is to get rid of the last of the additives and preservatives.

Thanks for all the wonderful inspiration. You guys are doing such amazing things for the health of our children.
– Danili.

OK, so here's the deal:

Enrolment includes:

– Instant Access to the membership portal
– Instant Access to 5 Great Education Modules
– Weekly Email Reminders to keep you on track
– Over 140 recipes
– 12 x weekly menu plans
– 12 x matched weekly shopping lists
– Bonus #1 - 15 Health Experts & Guests Contributors
– Bonus #2 - Videos & Printables
– Access to the Private Facebook Community
– 12 months' access to education materials

No Risk - 100% Money Back Guarantee

I’m so confident you’ll love this course that I stand by a no-questions-asked, money back guarantee.

Just be sure to take a happy snap of your prep work and email it to us with your completed worksheets.

Don't you love it when guarantees are this simple?

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We’re on a budget. Are the ingredients expensive super foods?

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Is the course suitable for Gluten Free / Dairy Free / Sugar Free?

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