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Educate your whole school.

The Mad Food Science Program™ teaches children
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What is The Root Cause all about?


We help parents like you win The War on Vegies.

We help you minimise processed "pretend" foods in your child's school lunchbox, and overcome the parent-child power struggles over food.


We teach your children how to understand their food.

We give them the power and motivation to make healthier food choices, so they can take responsibility for what goes in their mouth.


We work with schools, child-cares & community groups.

We host workshops, run online programs, and offer pre-packaged course materials that help educate children and parents all over Australia. 

You CAN change your kids' eating habits.

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My son 8 came home from school saying how much everyone in his class thought his lunch looked amazing. His response was go tell your mum to get into The Root Cause! Thank you!
- Lisa W.

[The Mad Food Science Program™] is an amazing program which I highly recommend to other schools. The fun experiments and explanation of food was engaging to all students.
- Bianca C. (teacher)


Kids at a Mad Food Science class wanting more of the green smoothie they just tasted!

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Maybe you're a parent

and you need help with making your children's lunchboxes fast, healthy and simple to make. 

trc-mortarMaybe you're a teacher

and you want to give your students the gift of better concentration, and teach them more about what they eat. 

trc-potMaybe you're the cook

and you simply don't know where to begin, to improve your family's eating habits. 

Wherever you are is perfect. 
If you’re ready to make a change, so are we.
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The Root Cause Australian Tour


We are so passionate about children's health that, together with my husband Israel and our kids Indrani (9) and Rilien (5), we're taking a stand for Australia’s children.

We’ve sold our home, enrolled our kids in distance education, and re-homed our cats, so we can take our message and our education programs to over 10,000 children and their families, Australia-wide.

We’re travelling the great Australian landscape in our Big Green Bus on our mission to Transform Children’s Health in Australia, One Lunchbox at a Time.

We want your kids – and ours – to grow up healthier and stronger, and live fuller, longer lives than ever before.

Learn more about the tour, and follow the journey here

Who Is Behind The Root Cause?

This is my beautiful family. My husband Israel, my 9yo daughter Indrani and my 5yo son Rilien.
This is my beautiful family. My husband Israel, my 9yo daughter Indrani and my 5yo son Rilien.

Hi, I'm Belinda, and I'm a Mum on a Mission to Transform Children's Health in Australia, One Lunchbox at a Time.

Belinda Smith - The 5 Minute Healthy Lunch Box System™
I'm a mum of two kids and a Health and Wellness Coach, and I'm extremely passionate about children's health.

Did you know one in four Aussie kids is overweight or obese, and today's generation of children will likely have a shorter life expectancy than their parents for the first time in decades?

My personal experience of this was at a private boys' school swimming carnival, when three out of every five boys I saw on the starting blocks had man-boobs.

Then and there I vowed to do everything I could to stop childhood obesity in its tracks, and give my kids and their generation a healthy future.

To read more about my story and how The Root Cause came to be, click here.


love letters

Children’s Health Australian Tour Update

  Firstly thank you to everyone for believing in us, supporting us and our mission. You have no idea what this has meant to us with all the bumps we’ve had along the way. Read More...

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Sweet Chickballs For Healthy Lunchboxes

After a few hours of sitting in a classroom, many kids don’t want to spend more than a few minutes eating their lunch because it takes away from their playtime. Simple finger foods are a Read More...

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Perfect for Lunchbox Joke

Why It’s Important To Start Reading Food Packets – NOW

Recently I posted about how our cheeky active almost 5 year old son turned irritable, restless, aggressive and hyperactive on my mum following eating lots of bread with preservative 228 in it. I received so Read More...

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That Sugar Film Online Screening

It’s with great excitement that Indrani, Bel and I announce we’re holding an Online Screening of That Sugar Film on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th September 2015. (That’s next weekend, people.) BUY A $14 FAMILY TICKET NOW Read More...

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